Technology and society

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Now, technology and human life cannot be separated. People use technology to communicate, travel, learn, and in short, make our lives easier. On the other hand, these are the same people who produce technological advances based on the perceived needs of society.

Undoubtedly, technology plays an important role in the development of human societies, as it permeates and shapes the economy, education, industry, human relationships, and other aspects of daily life. Below is a list of some places where technical behavior can be seen.

Media and communications

Communication is what makes technology more visible. Advances in technology are making the communication of rapidly growing people more effective.

In the past, if you wanted to talk to someone living in another country, you had to send a letter. The wait time between delivery and response was a problem. Today, however, you can send a message through any social network or international messaging service and the response will be immediate. Communication skills are among the most effective. This is evident with the introduction of devices such as smartphones, which have hundreds of devices to exchange information over long distances.


The method used in agriculture helps the development of different activities. For example, there are plows, irrigation, and harvesting machines that reduce human labor and increase field yields. Artificial fertilizers are also an example of the impact of technology in this area. Thanks to these products, the condition of the soil improves.

Another indicator of technological success in agriculture is the availability of improved crops. They grow faster than conventional foods and can be engineered to develop resistance to certain diseases and pests.

Advantages of New Technologies

New technologies, especially the Internet, have changed the world of information, and young people have learned to make full use of information. Some of the benefits of new technologies for young people are:

They facilitate the socialization process

Young people use many social networks such as Instagram and Facebook and communication tools such as WhatsApp chats, Messenger… Thanks to this new technology, young people feel included in a group of people with whom they can share hobbies or even see their concerns, in addition, anonymity and lack of eye contact forces them to talk and talk about topics that would be more difficult in face-to-face communication.

Easy access to information

New technologies have made it possible to find all kinds of documents easily and quickly, without the need to travel and search for information now. In addition, they help to solve everyday problems related to life, everyday knowledge, etc., as well as to find learning material.

New ways of learning

New technologies make it possible for young people to learn workshops, seminars, conferences, and webinars (online classes and workshops in which you can participate) online without the obligation to attend in person. This is the type of education that can greatly enhance knowledge and improve the development of cognitive skills.

Fun and entertainment

New technologies open access to many leisure and entertainment resources, such as blogs, online newspapers or magazines, games, movies, series, music, online concerts, etc. New forms of entertainment also develop different social skills.

They improve communication

Thanks to new technologies, communication between people anywhere in the world are possible, at any time, continuously, and regularly. In other words, the barriers to communication space are reduced, almost eliminated.

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