Change your routine and improve your life

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What is being proactive?

Controlling events rather than watching them happen. Being ambitious takes time, as it involves considering different options, analyzing alternatives, and making decisions to achieve your goals.

How to be more productive?

There comes a time in everyone’s day when they wonder how they can keep creating despite all the obstacles in the world. Hopefully, if it were you, you would set a time to complete your tasks and goals without making last-minute changes or situations that affect your performance.

Fortunately, we can learn from the experiences of others. So, we took it upon ourselves to look under the shining glass of the culture of some people who can show through their work that you don’t need high power to increase productivity, but high knowledge can be part of your life, especially when you are about to start a new job.

Waking up earlier 

Although it is difficult for many of us to wake up early in the morning, the truth is that it is very helpful to do activities in the morning when our level of thinking is high. If you get enough sleep, you will have the energy you need to complete the tasks ahead of you. In addition, if you get up early, you can take advantage of more hours of the day.

According to many studies, the brain works better in the morning, and it is recommended to wake it up and prepare it for action with some kind of routine as soon as you wake up. It can be something simple that relaxes you before the tasks ahead of you: playing games, meditating, reading books, etc.

Make a schedule

Having a format to get used to will help you get an idea of where you’ve left off. Create lists of daily, weekly, and monthly goals and next steps. Divide several columns according to whether it’s work, family, leisure… It is recommended that you spend 20 to 40 minutes each day setting goals, prioritizing them, and making progress on the important things you need to complete by the end of the day. Lists can also help you break down large or tedious tasks.

Start by prioritizing one activity for each day and breaking it down into small tasks. It also helps to divide them according to the difficulty into three levels: easy, moderate, and difficult. You don’t need an endless list to feel productive. Many times, smaller lists generate more output. Be reasonable and write down only the tasks that you could actually complete during your day.


Although if you effectively organize your duty station you can live close to achieving it, the naivety is that you will by no means achieve a career path without any separation. There are distractions galore: e-mails coming in, the phone ringing… That’s why you must interject these interruptions into your professional session, keeping in mind that they will detract from your productivity no matter what you do.

As you point out your priorities on your list, define them on the online planet as well: if a new or transport is actually unavoidable and is news of your priorities, respond. The point with interruptions is to pinpoint how much weight we should give them while still achieving the goal.

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